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Madrid will limit the speed on the roads - 18mph

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In total, the new high-speed limit will affect more than 80% of Madrid's road network. First of all, the restriction will spread to the central streets, while on some roads - where the pavement is on the same level as the roadway - and set a limit of 12 mph altogether.

On the streets with two or more lanes will be allowed to travel at a speed not exceeding 31 mp h. On the motorways it is still allowed to accelerate to 62 mph.

According to the local authorities, such radical measures should help reduce the number of accidents, including pedestrians, cyclists and drivers of various electric vehicles.

According to the newspaper El Pais, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), at a vehicle speed of 31 mph, the risk of serious injury in an accident increases 8 times than at a speed of 18 mph.

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