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New 2018 Audi E-Tron - battery, charging current

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New 2018 Audi E-Tron - battery, charging current

In the summer of 2018, Audi will be presenting its first own electric car. Now the manufacturer names facts about the E-Tron: The SUV is the first vehicle to load with up to 150 kW.

Audi wants to set the new record. The electric SUV E-Tron will be the first production vehicle to charge 150 kW. For 80 percent charge, the car will ideally hang on the cable for half an hour. So far are so few charging stations. Only 20 charging stations with this power are currently available throughout Europe. By the time the E-Tron hits the market, infrastructure is set to improve dramatically.

Audi E-Tron: electric SUV with combustion chassis

First of all, the car has to hit the road - as fast as possible. That's why Audi does not wait until the electrical construction kit ("PPE"), which was developed together with Porsche, is ready. The e-sound is based on the same combustion chassis as Q5 and Q7 ("MLB Evo"). The electrification was considered in the development of the architecture. Nevertheless, Audi compromises.

The axes of the E-Tron come largely from the burners. In between, Audi screwed but a battery the size of a double bed. 2.24 meters long, 1.60 wide and 11 to 34 inches high - in principle, the entire space between wheels and sills. The chunk weighs 700 kilograms and accounts for one third of the total vehicle costs.

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