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New 2019 Toyota RAV4

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Cars for Europe and the United States do not differ from each other (although often it is just the opposite). Having survived the change of generations, the size of the RAV4 changed slightly: the wheelbase increased by 30 mm (2 690 mm), which promises more space for rear passengers, but the dimensions - contrary to the carmakers' habit - remained almost the same (although the length and width of the RAV4 are all added a little). It is also important that the rigidity of the new body was 57% higher than before.


In Europe, the main bet will be made on hybrids. Such cars have a 2.5-liter engine, a CVT, batteries for an electric motor and the electric motor itself for the rear axle. The total power of the power plant - 222 hp The second version will get a 2 liter gasoline aspirated engine.

The drive will traditionally be front or full (the latter scheme is built around the clutch). But here, the Japanese unexpectedly prepared a small, but sensational: expensive versions of the crossover will receive a tricky transmission Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD - a separate clutch is installed on each rear wheel, thanks to which thrust vector control is implemented. In 2WD mode, the drive shaft that transmits torque back is disconnected by couplings mounted on both ends of the shaft.

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